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BioLOGICAL Editing Can Help

BioLOGICAL Editing is a full-service scientific writing, proofreading and editing company which serves the scientific community. Scientific research is a competitive vocation. To become established, one must publish frequently, whilst at the same time secure funding. To achieve publication success, scientists must often publish in English, which is the standard language of scientific communication. This is where BioLOGICAL Editing can help. BioLOGICAL Editing will ensure that your scientific research is presented in logical, clear, and error-free English. Authors from around the world have utilized the services offered by BioLOGICAL Editing. The authors hail from many countries, including:

  • China

  • Japan

  • India

  • Saudi Arabia

  • Pakistan

  • Sudan

  • Mexico

  • Peru

  • USA

  • Canada

Not only does BioLOGICAL Editing serve authors who speak English as their second language, but BioLOGICAL Editing also serves authors who are native English speakers. One native English speaking author utilized our complex editing service and incorporated over 80% of our suggestions into his NIH grant proposal resulting in extensive rewriting of the grant. After only one submission, the grant scored in the 2nd percentile! Thus, BioLOGICAL editing helped this author secure NIH funding. The services offered by BioLOGICAL Editing may enhance your success in science, whether you are just beginning your career by applying to medical or graduate school, or if you are an established researcher, or anywhere in between.






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