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"I got your corrected versions and looks good. Thanks for your help, and it improved lot."


Kar Muthumani, M.S., Ph.D.

Translational Tumor Immunology Program

Wistar Institute



"Thank you so much for the help!! I went over the essays and its exactly what I needed! Your proofreading allowed me to express myself in the most coherent way and made the entire experience much less stressful. I recommend your service to many other applicants!"


University of Pennsylvania



"Not only does  BioLOGICAL Editing do an outstanding  technical job editing documents, they also greatly improved the readability of the document. I send all my manuscripts and grants to BioLOGICAL Editing and highly recommend  them."


Gregg Johannes, Ph.D.

Drexel University

Department of Pathology and Laboratory Medicine



"During the modification process, I was impressed by her carefulness and patience, and her good knowledge of biology and medicine has helped us improved the quality of our articles."


Zhao Qi 

Shandong Provincial Hospital affiliated to Shandong University



 "Thank you very much for your work. I like the new version a lot. I'll now work with your comments and corrections to create my final version.”


Anatoly Zaytsev

University of Pennsylvania

Department of Physiology




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